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  • 05.12.2010  NESS Championship show, the penultimate championship show of the year with just LKA next week saw baby Mariglen Beautiful Dawn having to fly the flag for Mariglen HQ.  Sunshine at just six months and a week won 2nd in a well filled Minor puppy class. Planned travelling companion veteran Tixi Field had to pull out at the last minute due to a tummy upset have eaten something she really shouldn't have the morning before (you don't want to know what!). Snowdrift and Tereza Watkins and Ice Crystal and Linda Lawson won their respective yearling classes and Sunshine's litter brother Dancing Brave (Eion - I am told prounounced Owen)  was also second in his class.  Litter sister Goldikova (wish I had kept that name for my own o/b) Lola was fourth in her class
  • 28.11.2010   Six of Frankie's puppies made their debut at Midland English Setter Society today. All got a place but Fever took the top spot and won BPISSunshine was second in minor puppy class. Also doing well were Tereza Watkins' Snowdrift, they were RBIS and litter sister Mel Sharples Crystal Gayle  was second in her class. Tixie Field won veteran bitch.
  • 21.11.2010 At the Southern English Setter Society ch show, judges: dogs Valerie Foss and bitches Val Watkin, our Tixi Field (Sh Ch Fenston Arabella at Mariglen) won Best Veteran in Show, Chris Sayers with Blue Flame won RBIS next to his 6th CC and Tereza Watkins and Snowdrift won yearling dog, Stella was third in open bitch and Ice Crystal won yearling bitchGayle was fourth in Grad.
  • 28.10.2010  Tixi Field continued her winning ways today. She won third place in a well supported and sponsored veteran stakes at Midland Counties championship show. We ate the "winnings" later in the day. Tereza and Snowdrift won yearling dog
  • 17.10.2010  We travelled north of the border today to English Setter Society of Scotland championship show. Judge of the bitches was Peter Halstead (Hammoon). Our Tixi Field (Sh Ch Fenston Arabella At Mariglen) delighted us by winning veteran bitch and showed her granddaughter a clean pair of heels by winning the bitch challenge certificate and ended the day by winning RBIS. Not bad for an eight and a half year old! The reserve challenge went to Brian and Margarets' Fin (Sh Ch Swannery Finlandia) Tixi's grand daughter and travelling companion of the day. Keeping it in the family, our Stella was second in open bitch behind Fin.
  • 26.09.2010  At the English Setter Society of Wales open show, judged by Simon Pitts, our Tixi Field (Sh Ch Fenston Arabella at Mariglen) won Veteran bitch and went on to win BISStella won open bitch, the open stakes, and was RBBGayle won the yearling stakes judged by Cath Carter and also won yearling and graduate. Well done Mel and Gayle.
  • 19.09.2010  Darlington at the the lovely Newby Hall and Valerie had the edge on sister Gayle today and won yearling bitch, with Gayle coming second. Stella won second open bitch. Valerie had a lovely day as she also won the day's beginner stakes and third in the yearling stakes.
  • 12.09.2010 We didn't get to Richmond, however Chris Sayers with Blue Flame won a third RCC to add to his 5CCs and Mel Sharples had a respectable VHC in a well filled post grad class with Crystal Gayle. I stayed home and mowed the lawn!
  • 05.08.10  Birmingham City was judged today by Elwyn EvansDelta and Chris Sayers won open dog and our Stella was third in limit bitch.
  • 04.08.10   Today I had to make the heartbreaking decision to have Gamble (Sh Ch Wistaston School Breeze at Elswood) put to sleep.   He had been poorly for about three weeks, but went down hill rapidly over the past few days. He was bred in June 1998 by Glenis Williams. Owned in partnership with Valerie Foss and carrying her affix, Gamble won 18CCs a group 2 and group 4 and was RBIS at the Setter & Pointer Championship Show. He had enjoyed a long and happy retirement, with many hours during his old age stretched out on the settee in my lounge. This photo was taken at Paignton Championship Show in 2002 where he won BOB and Gundog Group 2.
  • 28.08.10   Many congratulations to Linda Lawson with Valerie (Mariglen Ice Crystal) on winning their first RCC at SKC2.  Judge was Morag Jarvis (Merrysett)  Well Linda "No pain, no gain". The rather exhuberant Valerie had knocked her over a few days earlier rendering Linda unconscious for a very short while.
  • 22.08.10  Today Linda and I went to Welsh Kennel Ch Sh with Lego and StellaChris Atkinson judged and awarded DCC and BOB to Lego and RBCC to Stella.
  • Unveilled - Frankie's little girls aged three months. The orange belton is Mariglen Beautiful Dawn - "Sunshine" and the blue belton and tan is Mariglen Nina Fever - "Fever". Sunshine managed to stand for a couple of minutes, but Fever declined.

  • 15.08.10   Lego won BOB and was shortlisted in the group at Bournemouth championship show today. Breed judge was Maggie McCabe (Rachdale) and group judge Clive Davis (Sundeala). Disappointingly we no longer have CCs at this show.
  • The picture of Fin Ch Moon Magic Po Pengtsson is now added on history page.
  • 07.08.10  Blue Flame won his 5th CC at National Gundog, judge Anne Lewis (Lewkins). Snowdrift won his class, his first time in yearling. It was a day for the oldies. Gary (Sh Ch Gemsett Dark Forces at Mariglen) won veteran dog and Tixi Field (Sh Ch Fenston Arabella at Mariglen) won veteran bitch and best veteran in breed, hard luck Gary. Both enjoyed their day out and Gary in particular has been really full of himself since his outing.
  • Mariglen Nina Valentina left for her new home in Belgium this morning with Eddy and Linda. Lots of luck to Tina in her new home which she will share with Dutch Ch Swannery Magic Legend. She is one of Frankie's babies.
  • 02.08.10  Paignton Ch Sh.  Lego was third in open dog and Stella, second Limit bitch. At least it didn't rain and we enjoyed tea and scones on the way home with Mel Sharples and her dogs.
  • 31.07.10  Lego repeated his success of two years ago by winning BOB and Best in Show at Mid Western Gundog Club.
  • 25.07.10  Leeds Championship show. The judge was Linda Cooper (Settrenda).  Today Lego won his seventh CC on this his third outing in 2010. His number two son, Snowdrift, won the RCC to add to his previous CC and RCC. Stella won her class, but decided it was too hot to make much of an effort in the challenge. We are thrilled that Lego's daughter Finlandia won her fourth CC and beat her dad Lego for the BOB. She looked lovely in the group, well done Margaret and FinValerie won third place in her class today.
  • Frankie's babies continue to lead for their new homes. This weekend two boys went to their new homes and have settled well and true to form are eating well and enjoying their new homes.
  • 11.07.10  East Of England Championship Show was cause for celebration as it saw our Stella winning her third CCCheryl Smith (Soberhill) judged and gave us our second new title holder this year. Valerie continued on her winning run, she won to Junior and Yearling and second in Graduate. Picture by Sarah Loakes.
  • 04.07.10   Windsor Championship show was another success for Mariglen. Winning his fourth CC and beating his dad to the top spot was Chris Sayers and my Sh Ch Mariglen Blue FlameDelta had a spring in his step and a bloom on his coat and showed his dad a clean pair of heels. Lego won the open class and the RCC. His daughter Ice Crystal continued on her winning way by winning her class and also a good place with financial reward in a stakes class. Snowdrift was second in his class today. Stella also won a second place behind the CC and BOB winner.
from left to right Sh Ch Mariglen Pengtsson's Legacy,  and his two sons, Mariglen Snowdrift 1CC, Sh Ch Mariglen Blue Flame for Christter
  • 27.06.10   A good day for Mariglen at Blackpool Championship Show. Judge Rod Green (Askann) awarded the bitch CC to Linda's and my Bondgate Evening Star Over Mariglen.  This is Stella's 2nd CC so now fingers crossed for her third. Snowdrift won his class as did his sister Ice Crystal, who won the final points for her Junior Warrant on the day. Well done Linda and Valerie. Their sister, Gayle, was VHC for her new owner Mel Sharples. Mel handled her really well and they are getting together well as a team.

    Frankie's babies are now five weeks old and doing really well. Frankie is a wonderful mum and tends them carefully. She chooses to sleep with them at night. They all snuggle around her until six am, when they are ready for a drink of her milk and then breakfast. They eat enormous amounts.
  • 09.06.10   Today at Three Counties Ch Sh. where the judge was Anne Green, (Askann) Snowdrift continued on his winning run by being awarded the RCC.   Litter sister Ice Crystal won her junior class and was second in the well filled junior stakes. Well done Tereza and Linda with Josh and Valerie.
  • 09.06.10 Update on the new babiesFrankie is a wonderful mum and nursing her babies carefully. They are now two weeks old and their eyes are open. There are three tri girls and three orange girls, two tri dogs and two orange dogs.
  • 07.06.10 Two days later Josh went on to win Best Dog and Reserve Best In Show at ESA open show and big brother Delta won Reserve Best Dog. Congratulations to Brian and Margaret with Finlandia for winning BIS and well done Mel Sharples with Mariglen Crystal Gayle. At their first outing together they won junior and novice bitch. Judge was Stewart Cummings from Northern Ireland.
  • 05.06.10 Hot on the heels of his elder brother Mariglen Snowdrift of Hayworth won his first CC at Southern Counties Ch Sh.    Owned by Tereza Watkins and the late Isobel Hayden, Josh is a son of Lego ex Princess Royal. Congratulations to Tereza and Josh.    So very sad that Isobel was not there to see this win. Thanks to judge Jenny Miller (Feorlig) and also to Sarah Loakes who handled Josh in the challenge.
  • 29.05.10 Great news, following a specatular junior career in  2009 where he won the junior class with the RCC at 3 Counties, junior class at Peterborough and Welsh Kennel, Delta went on to win his first CC with BOB at Richmond, CC at Gundog Breeds of Scotland and now his third CC at Bath Championship ShowSh Ch Mariglen Blue Flame for Christter is the 24th UK title holder for this kennel.    Congratulations to Chris Sayers  with whom Delta lives and many thanks to judge Stuart Tait (Moordale). Not to be outdone Linda Lawson's Mariglen Ice Crystal won junior and yearling bitch.
  • 27.05.10  The patter of tiny feet -thirty two of them arrived at Gemsett today. Vivienne (Walshaw Moon Dust, a daughter of Po Pengtsson) whelped eight pups today, one male and seven bitches. At the time of my writing, they are doing OK. Their dad is Sh Ch Wansleydale Witchdoctor.
  • 26.05.10  The patter of tiny feet - forty of them arrived at Mariglen today. Frankie whelped ten pups today, four males and six bitches, mother and babies doing really well. Their dad is Sh Ch Sorbus Seabiscuit. This picture was taken half way through their birth, with six pups born and four more to follow.
  • 25.04.10  The icing on the cake following Frankie's recent success at Crufts. Today she won BIS at the English Setter Association Championship Show.  The one we all want to win. RBIS was the now titled Sh Ch Sorbus Seabiscuit of Fishwick - hopefully Frankie is carrying his babies, due end of May.

    Also winning their classes - mid limit dog Mariglen Blue Flame for Christter, junior and novice  dog Mariglen Snowdrift of Hayworth.
  • 14.03.10  "Didn't she do well" - our Frankie, Crufts 2010 Bitch CC, BOB and Gundog group 2, beaten only by the BIS winner. My grateful thanks for all the help on the day, Linda Harris, Jaana Pöllänen and Katja Väkiparta. Special thanks to Michael for ferrying people around and leaving the show early to feed the dogs left at home. We were also delighted with our Gayle winning a third in puppy bitch, especially as six months previously we thought she would lose one of her front legs. Well done also to Tereza Watkins with her foster child Mariglen Snowdrift, - Isabel Hayden's Morris who won second in puppy dog. Blue Flame was second in mid limit dog.

  • 28.02.10 Linda Lawson's Mariglen Ice Crystal "Valerie" has had a wonderful time over the past ten days starting with NESS open show21st February…under Dennis Mounsey, 1st in Junior, Yearling. Graduate, Special Beginners….Winner of the Yearling Stakes under Margaret Henry, Best Bitch and Best in Show. North Linc’s Dog Club Open Show 27th February 2010 under Eunice King…1st in English Setter Junior, 1st ES Post Grad, and RBOB. Winner of the Junior Stakes. same judge. Yorkshire Gundog Open Show 28th February 2010, Margaret Attwood…1st English Setter Junior, Ist English Setter Post Grad, Best of Breed. Winner of the Junior Gundog Stakes and last 5 for BIS from the full range of 32 breeds… judge Doreen Smillie.
  • 31.01.10  Mariglen Ice Crystal finished her puppy career in style by winning BP and puppy group 2 at Lichfield open show and litter brother Mariglen Snow Drift who is currently being "fostered" by Tereza Watkins as his mum Isabel Hayden is poorly, went to Cardiff two day show. He won AV gundog puppy, Gundog group 3, won the Gundog puppy group and eventually won Reserve BP in show. Well done to Linda with Valerie and Tereza with Maurice. Now I am looking forward to their junior careers which I hope will be as successful.
  • 23.01.10  Mariglen Ice Crystal "Valerie", started the year in the same vein as she finished 2009 by winning BPIB at Manchester Championship show. She had two weeks earlier won BPIS at Dukeries Gundog Club and RBPIS at Sherwood Foresters open shows.    Julie Murray with Harvencourt Loving Touch "Portia" thrilled her owner and me by winning the bitch CC at Manchester. Portia has only been to four shows in her whole life. She is a daughter of Sh Ch Cumbersett Aira Force at Mariglen ex Mariglen Touch The Sky (litter sister of Sh Ch Mariglen Time To Shine). For anyone reading this who has a long memory, Portia looks like a clone of her great grandmother, the beautiful Sh Ch Cumbersett Aira.
  • Welcome to Mariglen 2010! The New Years starts with conformation that Sh Ch Mariglen Francesca Fenston "Frankie" is the top winning English Setter for 2009, which means Mariglen girls have topped the breed for the past three consecutive year, (Flaming Colours 2007 and Frankie 2008). Sh Ch Mariglen Pentgsson’s Legacy JW "Lego" has for the second year won the “Our Dogs” top sire award and this year gone one better by winning the English Setter Association’s most coveted Elswood Progeny Salver with over 1000 points gained through the year by his winning progeny. Mariglen Ice Crystal has topped the puppies for Linda Lawson with amongst her many wins five Best Puppy in Breed at Championship shows through the latter part of the year.