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14.11.15 GDB of Scotland judge Doug Martin, CC and BOB Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal.  This was Valerie’s ninth CC and yet another win in a stakes class.

David and Xanthes’ babies have started leaving for their new homes.   The first to go was Mariglen McLaren.  Brave boy Chris, travelled on the knee of his new owners Katja Väkiparta and Jaana Pöllänen (Nattaset) all the way to Finland without so much as a peep, sleeping the whole journey.  Two days later his brother Mariglen Top Gear went just a few miles from here to live with his uncle Nicky Brown (Francesca’s brother).   A few days later the girls started leaving for their new homes.   Spyder is here until the end of the month as his new mommy is on holiday.   Two orange belton girls are staying here, Mariglen Indian Summer and Mariglen Sweet Pea.   All these puppies have charming new families and I wish them a full and happy life.

14.10.15 GDS of Wales,  judge Leslie Swigciski.   Sunshine makes her second outing and this time wins open bitch, BCC, BOB and ends the day winning group three, piloted through the group by Suzy Roffey.  2nd JD Jeanette Butler’s Mariglen Flash Gordon.

27.09.15 ESSW open show, judge Anne Cielecki (Annapura).  Mariglen Beautiful Dawn returns to the show ring just six months after her last litter of puppies by Upperwood Groove Monkey, which were born by C section and wins open bitch and the thrill of going on to be BIS.  Sunshine hasn’t really been shown too much, she has played a much more important part in Mariglen as she is the dam of Sh Ch Mariglen Xanthe, UKs top winning ES of 2014.
Mariglen Sunshine Mariglen Sunshine and Jane Dennis

20.09.15 Darlington judge Leslie Armstrong.  Ist open and BCC Linda Lawson’s Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal, 2nd open baby sister Sh Ch Mariglen Gift Wrapped.

13.09.15 Richmond, judge Jenny Miller.  At last, after huffing and puffing and blaming me for showing Xanthe, Linda Harris won that all important third CC with Nora so she can now be called Sh Ch Mariglen Gift Wrapped!  She is the 29th UK Show Champion I have owned or bred during the past thirty six years

12.09.15 Now we all know the secret Xanthe was telling Suzy a few weeks earlier and we welcomed into the world her nine babies (six bitches and four males) having been treated to a night of passion nine weeks earlier by Mariglen Audi (David).  
Mariglen Xanthe with her puppies

06.09.15 Birmingham City, judge Valerie Foss RDCC Sh Ch Mariglen Snowdrift.  JD Mariglen Faldo, PGD dog vhc Mariglen Blue Star

23.08.15 Welsh Kennel Club, judge Carole Coode.  DCC and BOB Tereza Watkins Sh Ch Mariglen Snowdrift, 1St  JD Antonia Jackson’s Mariglen Faldo, Open bitch Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal, 2nd Linda Harris’s Mariglen Gift Wrapped.

20.08.15 Currently Sh Ch Mariglen Pengtsson’s Legacy is breed leader Dog World top stud dog, thanks to Sh Ch Mariglen Snowdrift (Josh) Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal ( Valerie)  and Sh Ch Canteris Carless Whisper (Wispa), Sh Ch Mariglen Princess Royal (Annie) is holding on to her lead as top brood bitch and we are still in the lead for top breeder, but of course as the year progresses this may change.

Mariglen Xanthe
Xanthe is whispering to Suzy “listen to you want to know a secret, do you promise not to tell”

04.08.15 Paignton Ch Sh and a change of judge, Keith Young.  He gave our Xanthe her 11th CC and today  BOB and group shortlist.  RBCC Linda Harris with Mariglen Gift Wrapped.  Nora also had the RCC at Three Counties and Windsor.

30.07.15  Catch up time.  The past three months have been a happy, quiet time at Mariglen.  Sunshine’s pups have gone to their new homes.   Golden Caprice is still here with me, a stunning orange belton with a very lively outgoing personality who spends most of her waking hours tormenting long suffering uncle David (Audi). Two of the boys are hopefully to be shown.    Mariglen Solar Flame (Solly) is terrorizing his uncle Del (Sh Ch Mariglen Blue Flame) and keeping Chris Sayers on her toes.   Mariglen Sundance Kid is the initiation into the English Setter world for Richard Grimmett and Karyn Wight who currently show stately Golden Retrievers!  I am looking forward to seeing these two lovely pups in the show ring later this year along with sister Caprice.  Linda Lawson with Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal won CC and BOB at East Of English and litter brother Sh Ch Mariglen Snowdrift won the DCC.

Xanthe has only been out a couple of times this summer.   In the capable hands of co-owner Suzy Roffey she won the BCC at both Southern Counties and Three Counties bringing her total of CCs to ten.  She is still only two years old.

David (Mariglen Audi) has at last got his act together and is starting to enjoy the show ring.  He has won four of his post grad classes and last weekend was placed second in limit at Leeds Championship show.  He had a fabulous win towards the end of June, winning BOB and eventually BIS at the prestigious Derbyshire County Agricultural Show under the very successful breeder/exhibitor Lee Cox (Vanitona).   David has sired four litters of pups this summer and it will be interesting to see how the introduction of new blood lines reflects on his progeny.   His last litter was to Mel Sharples beautiful Lily who tragically died after the birth of her precious babies due to unbelievably careless veterinary treatment.  To Mel, Peter, Mat and Kirsty my heartfelt sympathies.   I know how trying this awful event has been for them.   On the plus side there are four beautiful, healthy pups which have been carefully reared by their granny Mariglen Flaming Sunset.   Clever Nina started lactating and quickly started nursing the babies as if they were her own.

Frankie’s pups who are now in junior have all been extremely successful during the summer months, frequently winning their classes.   Well done to everyone for keeping the Mariglen flag flying.

Finally, Brenda Seaman and Mariglen Mercedes have taken a bit of a break from the show ring for the past few months, concentrating instead on doing the “bird thing”.  Brenda and Sades have really got the bit between their teeth attending all available training days run by the KC and most recently helping with grouse counts.  Lots of luck to both in their quest.

Puppies born March 201530.3.15 Sunshine (Mariglen Beautiful Dawn; dam of Xanthe 2014 top winning English Setter) whelps four puppies (3 boys and 1 girl) to Upperwood Groove Monkey x . Both parents are orange belton, resulting puppies of this colour only are available.

15.3.15 Today I am extremely proud of my lovely friend Brenda Seaman (Brenda has a share in kennel name Mariglen) who took Mariglen Mercedes on a two day training course for pointers and setters run by the Kennel Club.  It is rare indeed for anyone here in the UK to try and train a show bred English Setter, which is a great shame.  Two days of starting to learn to work and by the end Mercedes was running beautifully without even a collar and lead (not sure which direction she was going).  My best wishes to Brenda and Mercedes with this venture.

Gemsett Dark Forces at Mariglen7.3.15 A heart breaking decision had to be made and today my lovely boy Gary (Sh Ch Gemsett Dark Forces at Mariglen) crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Just a couple of weeks from his twelfth birthday, Gary is missed so much.  Kind, gentle and dignified,  he was a true Gentleman By Nature. (picture)


5.3.15 Crufts.  A lovely day for us, DCC (his fourteenth) and BOB went to Tereza Watkins with Sh Ch Mariglen Snowdrift At Hayworth.   BPIB was won by Kate Thomson’s Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd and litter sister belonging to Sheenagh Hay, Mariglen Feather won BPB. (photo left by Kynoweb, right by Jill Davies)

Mariglen Snowdrift at Hayworth English Setters Crufts 2015

8.2.15 MESS championship show.  David (Mariglen Audi) went to his first championship show in almost a year.    Staying at home maturing has paid off as he won post grad under Val Watkins (Valsett).  Snowdrift won RDCC.  Litter sister Ice Crystal won RBCC.

30.1.15 Five progeny from Francesca’s litter to Gamerights Etoile have been x-rayed for hip dysplasia with excellent results, Audi 2:3, Blue Star 2:2, Mercedes 3:3, Miranda 2:4, Michaela 3:4.  Audi and Mercedes have been BAER tested with a normal result.    

Mariglen Xanthe 12 months18.1.15 Manchester championship show, judge Jane Howarth.  Lots of nice places for us.  Minor puppy dog Kate Thomson’s Mariglen Fetlar,  2nd Antonio Jackson’s Mariglen Faldo (Frankie’s latest and last puppies by Kate’s Rudi, 2nd Post Grad Brenda’s Mariglen Royal Flame (Ollie), 1st Limit dog Jacky Hutchinson’s Mariglen Dancing Brave, VHC Maureen Coe and Karen Forbes Mariglen Dandino (Frankie’s sons from her first litter)  open dog CC & BOB Tereza’s Josh.  Minor puppy bitch Tony and Maureen Taylors’ Mariglen Fathom (yes another Frankie babe), 3rd Junior bitch Stirk family’s Mariglen Perfect Day For Grakar (F granddaughter), 2nd post grad bitch Brenda’s Mariglen Mercedes (Frankie daughter again) 4th M Michaela.  Finally Xanthe won open bitch and the RCC.

9.1.15 Boston championship show.  No CCs and in the end I didn’t get there.   However congratulations to Tereza Watkins with Sh Ch Mariglen Snowdrift at Hayworth (Josh) who was BOB and gundog group four.  Litter sister Linda Lawson’s Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal was BB (photos by Jill Davies).

Mariglen Snowdrift at Hayworth Mariglen Ice Crystal

I was unable to show my dogs towards the end of the year, so not really much to report.  Xanthe won a couple of RCCs to end the year top English Setter 2014.   Also topping the breed again stud dog Sh Ch Mariglen Pengtsson’s Legacy and top brood bitch again Sh Ch Mariglen Princess Royal.  We again took the title Top Breeder.