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NEWS 2017


29.11.17 So that’s it for this year.   No more outings until after Christmas. Xanthe is currently the top winning English Setter for the year. Audi’s progeny is doing well, he currently lies in second place behind Sh Ch Wansleydale King Of Hearts For Bramstorm for the Elswood Progeny Salver.  His son Canteris Cool For Katz has won his first RCC and daughter Wansleydale Bellini has won BIS at both MESS and NESS open shows. Brenda Seaman campaigned Ch Mariglen Mercedes to her title and a fourth CC at Setter & Pointer. Emily Bennett and Mariglen Blue Star have qualified for a Sh CM and they are having a go at field training like sister Mercedes.  I am hoping two of the girls will have puppies early in the new year.

I still miss Lego, he lived life in the fast lane, even when he became rather frail over the past few months. Here are pictures of him and his two sons taken by Kickie Boman at Windsor championship show a few years ago.   All together now over the Rainbow Bridge.

Mariglen Pengtsson's Legacy Mariglen Blue Flame to Christter Mariglen Snowdrift at Hayworth

24.11.17 Midland English Setter Society open show – judge Russell Mosedale.   BIS and BVIS  Sh Ch Mariglen Beautiful Dawn, this picture of Sunshine is taken as she nears her eighth birthday.  1st Graduate Panda, 1 st PG and down to last four in bitches Mariglen Sweet Pea.

Mariglen Beautiful Dawn

11.11.17 Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland – judge David Bell. Xanthe wins her 24th CC. Today she is BOB and delighted us by winning BIS4 from Swedish judge Henric Frykstrand.

04.11.17  Setter & Pointer  - judge Chris Bird. We couldn’t take Xanthe as Suzy was judged the Irish Red & White.  However Brenda and Mercedes (picture) kept the Mariglen flag flying by winning her fourth CC and today BOB.  Panda won her class.

Mariglen Mercedes

29.10.17 Midland Counties. Anne Green. One of the most lucky shows for me.  Today Brenda and Mercedes win that all important CC.  My thirty first UK title holder and my first ever Champion (no Sh in front of her name).  Ch Mariglen Mercedes JW.  Sounds good doesn’t it.  The first full champion in the breed since 1997 and only the third in 45 years.    Congratulations girls.  We were so excited we almost missed Panda winning her third RCC.  What a day wow.

09.10.17 RIP Sh Ch Mariglen Snowdrift At Hayworth

Mariglen Snowdrift at Hayworth Mariglen Snowdrift at Hayworth

11.10.17 Gundog Society Of Wales.  Less said about this one the better!!!

07.10.17 SWKA Audi wins open dog, but no further today.  Panda is second grad bitch. Sweet Pea, second post grad bitch.

02.10.17  Darlington – Linda Taylor   Well we didn’t see this one coming did we.  BCC and BOB for Brenda with Mariglen Mercedes.  Well done girls.

24.09.17 English Setter Society Of Wales open show.  Oh what a lovely day for our Panda.  BIS for her with Di at the helm.

10.09.17 Richmond – Maureen Collier BCC, her 23rd, and BOB for Xanthe, but oh such a naughty girl in the group.

27.08.17  SKC  Christine Scofield no CCs but Xanthe wins BOB AND HER THIRD GUNDOG GROUP this year – judge Sandra Marshall. Multiple Ch Sh Gundog Group Winner Xanthe with Suzy and Jane.

Mariglen Xanthe

20.08.17 WKC Xanthe wins BCC but has to settle for RBOB today.  Gloria 1 JB, Panda 1 Grad bitch, handled by Linda.  BVIB Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal (Valerie)

06.08.17 National Gundog Ch Sh. Sweet Pea wins yearling and Panda is 2nd PGB, Fenella 3 PGB

05.08.17 Paignton.   Linda and Di take Panda who delights them by winning the RCC.  Karen and Zoe Stirk second junior bitch and 1st yearling bitch with Mariglen Night and Day.

30.7.17 RIP my beloved Lego, Sh Ch Mariglen Pengtsson’s Legacy.  He will never be forgotten!

Mariglen Pengtssons Legacy

15.07.17 NESS run two shows simultaneously.  Lee Cox judged the open show and Sh Ch Mariglen Beautiful Dawn win BVIS and Sweet Pea wins yearling bitch.  Championship show, Int Ch Mariglen Nina Valentina 1st Vet and BVIS, 2nd Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal, 3rd Sh Ch Mariglen Beautiful Dawn.

24.06.17 Blackpool Ch Sh. Judge Richard Bott, Xanthe wins a second RCC from judge.

25.05.17 Bath judge Gill Baker. Only Panda and Gloria present, Panda wins Yearling and Gloria second JB.

20.05.17 SKC1 judge Moray Armstrong.  Audi 2nd open dog and Sweet Pea has her first championship show outing since Richmond last September and wins post grad bitch.

16.05.17 RIP Sh Ch Mariglen Blue Flame To Christter.

Mariglen Blue Flame to Christter Mariglen Blue Flame to Christter Mariglen Blue Flame to Christter

05.05.17 The National – judge Margaret Gittins (Roftmar) Xanthe BCC, BOB and gundog group three from Jeff Horswell and Panda wins yearling bitch.   Ice Crystal 1st Veteran bitch, Fenella 3rd PG bitch

Mariglen Xanthe30.04.17  UK rankings for the first third of the year.   Sh Ch Mariglen Xanthe JW ranked eighth overall all breeds and joint top winning gundog (a position she shares with the beautiful American Cocker which was BIS at Crufts.  Congratulations to Xanthe and Suzy who so patiently handles this fizzy little madam.  It is doubtful they will be able to hold this position as Xanthe has only a few outings planned for this year having won top honours previously from many of the scheduled judges.

30.04.17 ESSSc. Brenda’s babies make their first outing.  M October Flame 3rd MPD, M Dusty Blonde 3rd MPB, M Cleopatra 4th MPB, 2nd yearling bitch Panda, 2nd Mariglen Feather (Sheenagh Hay) mid limit dog 2nd Fetlar.

29.04.17 WELKS, no CCs on offer for us but Xanthe wins BOB from Janet Richards and goes on to win her THIRD championship show gundog  group, judge Chris Atkinson.   View Xanthe winning the gundog group on YouTube WELKS 2017 gundog group.

23.04.17 ESA ch sh.  Bitches Steve Collier (Roszarke) 1st open bitch RCC Xanthe, 3rd Tina (Belgium) Int Ch M Nina Valentina.   LB VHC M Perfect Day For Grakar (Stirk family) PG 2nd Fenella, Tyro 3rd Gloria, Yearling 2nd Panda, JB 3rd Gloria, Vet Ice Crystal

 09.04.17 ESSW bitches Chris Jennings (Canteris) Gloria vhc puppy, 2nd junior, 1st Ugrad, Enya 3 puppy. Ice Crystal 1 veteran bitch, Panda 1st yearling, PG Fenella, mid limit Glorious Morning

11.03.17 Crufts judge Ruth Martin (Sunhouse).  Xanthe 2nd open bitch, Panda 2nd sp yearling bitch, Mariglen Candle in the Wind - Enya (Pat Owen) 1st puppy bitch, M Night And Day – Gloria (Karen and Zoe Stirk (and Graham?) 3rd puppy bitch
Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd (Kate Thomson) 1st Mid Limit dog, 4th puppy dog M Night Manager – Merlin (Glen Brown) 4th Junior dog M Top Gear – Tom (Me and Glen Brown) VHC mid limit dog  and 3rd Good Citizen M Blue Star – Archie (Emily Bennett), Ice Crystal – Valerie 4 vet bitch (Linda Lawson), 3rd PGB M Fenella at Cumbersett – Ella (Anne Harding) 3rd Good Citizen bitch M Michaela with Benchmark.   Not quite the success of some previous years, but I think everyone went home with their Mariglens having won a nice place.

05.02.17 MESS championship show Dogs Karen Sillence (Tomlow) bitches Maggie McCabe (Rachdale), Sh Ch Mariglen Xanthe wins BCC and BIS,  Natterset Sonata Arctica wins Yearling and Mariglen Audi is 3rd open dog Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal veteran bitch, Xanthe 1st champion stakes, Ice Crystal 2nd champion stakes.

03.02.17  Happy birthday Sh Ch Mariglen Francesca Fenston, ten years old today.

Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen22.01.17 Manchester Ch Sh judge Carol Guy (Carofel) BCC (number 18) & BOB (number 16), Sh Ch Mariglen Xanthe. RBCCNattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen JW (picture right). Congratulations  Stephen Gosling on managing to win 2nd Junior dog with the wayward Mariglen Top Gear.

21.01.17 Turku int. championship show judge Richard Bott, Chris (Mariglen McLaren) 1st junior dog, BD3.

16.01.17 Boston Championship Show.  No CCs for us but the competition was still tough.  Panda wins junior bitch.  Xanthe and Suzy win open bitch, BB, BOB and end the day winning a star studded gundog group.  We returned on Sunday, where they gave a quality display in the BIS ring.

01.01.17 Coventry Ladies open show and Panda wins BOB, but it was too cold and such a long wait for the groups, we decided to go home.

Welcome to 2017 At this point in time kennel residents are Sh ChMariglen Pengtsson’s Legacy, Sh Ch Mariglen Francesca Fenston, Sh Ch Mariglen Beautiful Dawn, Sh Ch Mariglen Xanthe, Balvenie Kismet At Mariglen, Nattaset Sonata Arctica JW, Mariglen Sweet Pea and last but not least Mariglen Audi who finished last year with 2 challenge certificates and 1 reserve challenge certificates.    He is proving to be a competent, productive stud, siring large healthy litters, his first progeny already making their mark in the show ring.