news 2016

News 2016

The last quarter of 2016 has been truly exciting for Mariglen!


2016 Rankings for Mariglen: 

Sh Ch Mariglen Pengtsson’s Legacy is again breed leader Dog World/Arden Grange top stud dog with six CC winning progeny.  


Sh Ch Mariglen Francesca Fenston breed leader Dog World/Eden top brood bitch with four CC winning progeny.  


For the seventh consecutive year Mariglen is Top Breeder. 


Top winning English Setter bitch for the year Sh Ch Mariglen Xanthe with eight CCs bringing her total to 17 with 15 BOB.  She won a championship show gundog group 2 and 3.




The last show of the year for us was Stourbridge open show and Panda (picture below) wins BOB under Pete Armstrong.

Nattaset Sonata Arctica At Mariglen


LKA judge David Howarth Gloria 2nd MPB, Enya 3rd MPB. Panda 1st Junior bitch. Finnish Winner 2016 int championship show judge Rachel Shaw-Rainey, Ireland, Chris (Mariglen McLaren, picture below) 1st junior dog, Finnish Junior Winner-16, BD3.

Mariglen McLaren FinJW-2016


Helsinki Winner 2016 int championship show judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Chris (Mariglen McLaren) 2nd junior dog


NESS championship show, dogs Gerry Morroll, Audi 2nd open.  Bitches Jenny Day, Gloria 2nd MPB, Panda junior bitch and the final points for her junior warrant which will also give her a KC stud book number.  Fenella 3rd Post grad bitch, 1st mid limit Andrea Walker’s Mariglen Glorious Morning at Hathermere.  Open bitch CC and BIS Xanthe. BVIS Ice Crystal.

Swedish Winner 2016 int championship show judge John Thirlwell, Chris (Mariglen McLaren) 2nd junior dog.



SESS championship show, dog judge Howard Stubbington 2nd open dog Audi.  Bitch judge, Stella Oliver, Gloria makes her debut (Audi x Balvenie Kismet) Mariglen Night And Day  and wins 2nd minor puppy bitch. Panda 2nd junior bitch.



MESS open show, judge Jan Armstrong. Panda 1st junior bitch and reserve best bitch in show.



GBAS judge Greg Browne (Australia) RDCC Fetlar, VB and 3rd open bitch Ice Crystal, Panda 1st Junior bitch, 1st Post Grad, Sheenagh Hay with Mariglen Feather, 2nd open bitch Xanthe.

Didn’t go to Setter & Pointer as Suzy and I were at the Eukanuba champion stakes final with Xanthe. Didn’t win, but Xanthe gave a very good account of herselt on the bright pink mat (picture below).

Mariglen Xanthe


Midland Counties, judge Hilda Parkinson. Glen Brown’s Mariglen Night Manager (Audi x Balvenie Kismet) made their debut and won MPD handled by a very patient Jackie Hutchinson yearling dog Chris Sayers and Mariglen Solar Flame (Solly). Candle In The Wind (Enya) was second MPB, Fenella 3rd Post Grad bitch, Xanthe CC,BOB and down to last few in the group.



Gundog Society Of Wales judge Stewart Cummings. Winning his first CC Kate Thomson’s Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd. Making their show debut, Pat Owen and her baby Mariglen Candle In The Wind (Audi X Balvenie Kismet) 1st minor puppy bitch and BPB. Vet bitch Ice Crystal who pleased all of us by winning BVIS, Panda 1st junior bitch and 1st novice bitch. Anne Harding and Fenella 1st Post Graduate bitch, Xanthe 1ST open bitch, BCC, BOB and final cut for BIS.



South Wales KC judge Jeff Horswell. Audi RDCC, Xanthe CC, BOB and gundog group three. Panda 1st junior bitch and 2nd junior stakes. Ice Crystal VB and BV.



Darlington, judge Agnes Murphy, Panda 2nd junior and 3rd yearling. BV Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal.



Richmond Championship Show, judge John Thirlwell. Audi wins his second CC. Sweet Pea (picture below), BPB and ends the day runner up Eukanuba puppy stakes four days. Panda wins 2nd junior bitch.

Mariglen Sweetpea


At this point in the show year, although these positions may change, Sh Ch Mariglen Pengtsson’s Legacy is breed leader top stud dog DW/Arden Grange. CC winning progeny for 2016 are Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal, Culverwell Miss Moonlight At Tykkidyw, Rachdale Sea Fever, Lakecastle Sakura Of Wistaston. Sh Ch Mariglen Francesca Fenston is breed leader DW/Arden Grange Top brood bitch, her progeny this year are Sh Ch Mariglen Beautiful Dawn, Mariglen Mercedes, Mariglen Audi. We currently are breed leader Top Breeder with five CC winners to date this year, Sh Ch Mariglen Beautiful Dawn, Sh Ch Mariglen Xanthe, Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal, Mariglen Mercedes and Mariglen Audi.



Another early start for Xanthe, Panda and Sweet Pea. Another lovely day, Xanthe wins BCC and BOB, Panda wins junior bitch and second in Novice and wins a very good second place in a strong junior stakes, Gundogs and Utility. Sweet Pea makes her third outing and wins BPIB.



An early start for Bournemouth for Xanthe and me. She wins BOB and delights us by winning second in the Gundog group.



National Gundog Association Panda wins Novice bitch, Perfect Day wins limit and her first RCC. Xanthe competes only in the Eukanuba champion stakes which she wins and we now look forward to the finals on 5 November.



Bakewell Open Show and another outing for Sweet Pea who won BPIB. We were unable to stay for BPIS
July has been a very quiet month, We only completed at one championship show and David was second in limit dog at East Of England Championship show, his first outing since SKC in May. The Stirk family’s Mariglen Perfect Day For Grakar won mid limit and Ice Crystal won Open Bitch and BV.

However July has seen a milestone achieved at Mariglen. A dream come true and I thank Brenda Seaman and Mariglen Mercedes for their work and dedication so that Mercedes is awarded the Show Gundog Working Certificate at her first attempt. This award has only previously been won twice in the past forty five years.

Mariglen Mercedes

Here is my beautiful granddaughter Morgan with her dad on her way to her school prom:



Blackpool. Panda wins BPB, PG bitch 1st is Tony and Maureen Taylors’ Mariglen Fathom and second is Andrea Walker’s Mariglen Glorious Morning at Hathermere. Limit bitch is won by the Stirk family’s Mariglen Perfect Day. Xanthe wins open bitch and BOB. She blew in in the group by being very, very naughty, pushing her luck and trying to gallop round the ring. Still,the peole around the ringside enjoyed her joy of living.



Border Union and we are thrilled that Linda Lawson’s Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal becomes the fourth CC winner this year so far for my kennel.

Some of Kitty and David’s babies:

Kitty's puppy
Kitty's puppy
Kitty's puppy
Kitty's puppy
Kitty's puppy


Three Counties, Sweet Pea makes her first outing and wins BPB, and thrilled us by winning the puppy stakes for the day and had to return two days later to complete for Best Puppy. Didn’t win the final but looked good in the big ring.



Southern Counties, Panda wins puppy bitch and Xanthe wins the RCC.



Estonian Setter Speciality judge Catherine Pil, Belgium Mariglen McLaren “Chris” won BPOB and BPIS.



And the 3am start was well worth the while. SKC Edinburgh and David (Mariglen Audi) wins his first challenge certificate.



MESS open show and Panda wins BPBIS.

Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen


Birmingham National, Xanthe made her first appearance in the showring since rearing her babies last autumn. Although not entered in the breed, she gave a good account in the champion stakes and from and star studded entry came in second.



Today Kitty (Balvenie Kismet At Mariglen) surprised us by whelping not the expected two or three puppies, but nine healthly bonny babies. Smug daddy is David. Seven bitches and two dogs. Mum and babies doing well.



Nattaset Sonata Arctica At Mariglen “Panda” (picture below) makes her debut at English Setter Society of Wales Ch Sh and delights us by winning BPIS. Kate Thomson with Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd won his second RCC from yearling.

Nattaset Sonata Arctica at Mariglen


Two weeks later Brenda and Mercedes on the North Yorkshire moors at the KC training weekend for pointers and setters. Photos courtesy John Murphy.

Mariglen Mercedes
Mariglen Mercedes


CRUFTS what a show for team Mariglen. Judge Anne Dykes (Caleydene). BCC and RBOB Brenda Seaman with b/b Mariglen Mercedes. RDCC and RBD Kate Thomson with Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd (who has recently earned sufficient points to win her Show Certificate Of Merit). Audi was third in Mid Limit Dog,, Faldo at Shoreside 4th yearling dog, Feather 1st yearling bitch, Michaela at Benchmark 1st Good Citizens, Blue Star, 4th Good Citizens, Dandino of Windyridge 5th Good Citizens, Dancing Brave Over Moneysbridge 3rd Limit dog, Sundance Kid at Tafuta, and a very special win for Tereza Watkins with Sh Ch Mariglen Snowdrift At Hayworth who against all odds was still with us after being so poorly just before Christmas. Josh came bouncing into the ring to win the first class of the day Veteran. Not forgetting Linda Lawson with Ice Crystal who although not exhibited in the breed won fourth place Pets as Therapy. Congratulations to all of you who contributed to this lovely day.

Brenda with Mariglen Mercedes on her way to BCC at Crufts:

Mariglen Mercedes


Today we welcomed to the UK from Finland Nattaset Sonata Arctica. Panda is a blue belton young lady born 4 August 2015. Our grateful thanks to Jaana Pöllänen and Katja Väkiparta for letting her come to live at Mariglen. She will be owned and shown in partnership with Linda Harris (Gemsett) and Di Morgan (Meandi) both of whom couldn’t keep their hands off her when they met her!!!



MESS championship show. Bitch judge Mr Frank Kane (Hirtontower). Brenda Seaman won limit bitch with Mariglen Mercedes. Sunshine was 2nd open, RCC and Reserve Best In Show. Dog judge Mr Gordon Hayburn (Radclyfehall) awarded Kate Thomson’s Mariglen Fetlar Caspellwynd 1st yearling dog, Antonio Jackson’s Mariglen Faldo 1st Graduate dog.

Mariglen Beautiful Dawn

Sh Ch Mariglen Beautiful Dawn “Sunshine”
Having finished 2015 on a high note with Sunshine winning her second CC at Northern English Setter Society Championship Show in early December, 2016 has started with a bang. Sh Ch Mariglen Pengtsson’s Legacy is again stop stud dog and with a further show champion progeny under his belt. His daughter Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal finished the year as top winning bitch and runner up top ES. Sh Ch Mariglen Princess Royal At Gemsett was again top brood bitch and we are top for the fifth consecutive year top breeder. My grateful thanks for everyone who has contributed to these awards.



Manchester championship show, judge Dr Ron James and Sunshine wins the open class and the bitch challenge certificate, so ends the day as a show champion. Sh Ch Mariglen Beautiful Dawn. She is the thirtieth English Setter bred or owned by me



Happy New Year 2016! News coming up soon!